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Make your beauty sleep complete with the Beauty Pillow Sheets!

Beauty Pillow is known for it's unique pillowcases of the best quality satin. Because of the many benefits for skin and hair, Beauty Pillow is now an essential part of the beauty world. In addition to the pillowcases, there are now also matching sheets. They are of course made from the same high-quality satin, which means they offer the same benefits as the pillowcases. In addition, the sheet matches perfectly with the pillowcases, giving your bedroom a truly luxurious look.

The sheets are made of satin on the upper side for the many advantages and the luxurious appearance. It gives a beautiful shine and makes every bedroom luxurious. We opted for high-quality cotton for the bottom. With satin at the bottom, the sheet would slip easily; that certainly doesn't bother you now with the cotton.

The benefits of the sheet:

  • A complete, matching set
  • Luxurious appearance
  • Cotton bottom, does not slip
  • Subtle shine
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Feels cool and breathes well
  • Does not fluff
  • Stains are easily removed

The benefits of the pillowcase:

  • Ensures a smooth skin
  • Prevents sleep folds
  • Refines wrinkles
  • Fights impurities
  • Calms the lit skin
  • Keeps the hair better in shape
  • Prevents split ends
  • No tangles and fuzz
  • Reduces oily hair
  • More intense working of skin- and hair products
  • Retains hair- and lash extensions
  • Better results of PMU treatments
  • Cooling effect
  • Anti-allergic against dust mites
  • In short, a must have for your skin and hair!

This 2-person set in the color White comes with a sheet in the size 240x200 / 220 and two 60x70 Beauty Pillow pillowcases.

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