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Be a Sleeping Beauty with this Beauty Pillow Peach pillowcase! A good night's rest is vital; for this reason it is called a "beauty sleep". Our busy life's make us realize increasingly that sleeping is of substantial importance. With Beauty Pillow you get those lovely sleeping moments that you deserve and are so important at the same time. Sleeping on Beauty Pillow's soft satin gives you a feeling of luxury and indulgence.

Beauty Pillow has a caring function for your skin and hair. It namely regulates the production of sebum and keeps the skin and hair moisturized. In addition, it has a polishing mode of action. The result is waking up shiny and starting the day fresh, free from sleep folds in your face and a messy haircut. This implies no hurry in the morning and more spare time for the things that are truly important. Who wouldn't want that?

Beauty Pillow has many advantages:

  • Cooling effect
  • Prevents sleep folds
  • Refines wrinkles and ensures a smooth skin
  • Fights acne and impurities
  • Ensures easy-to-comb and shiny hair
  • Prevents split ends, tangles and fuzz
  • Reduces oily hair and keeps your hair nicely modelled
  • Calms the lit skin (of the scalp)
  • Retains hair- and lash extensions
  • Better results of PMU treatments
  • Intensifies mode of action of skin- and hair products
  • Anti-allergic against dust mites and pollen
  • In short, a must have for your skin and hair!

Already for years, Beauty Pillow is the specialist in satin pillow cases. Beauty Pillow represents quality and service, but also Dutch Design. Our pillow cases are produced in Dutch ateliers.

Never again a "bad hair day", this pillow case makes sure that the shape of your hair is kept better, prevents split ends, no tangles or fuzz and it reduces fatty hair. Skin- and hair products are better absorbed and your hair- and lash extensions will be grateful. Beauty Pillow is anti-allergic and you sleep cool. This pillow case is a true must have for your skin and hair! Many celebrities already sleep on their Beauty Pillow. 

Size: 60x70 cm (the standard size in The Netherlands)

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