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Hello, sleeping beauty!

Make the most of your beauty sleep with Beauty Pillow’s Luxury Silk Mask. 

We spend a third of our lives asleep. For your skin and hair, this is a great opportunity to recover and rest. But they should get the chance to do so. In 2013 we therefore launched our Beauty Pillow pillowcases of high-quality satin. Our pillowcases are a true beauty must-have for years. 

In the period that followed, Beauty Pillow developed itself further and further into the specialist in the care of skin and hair during sleep. The next step is to protect the skin around the eyes even better. With the Luxury Silk Mask Beauty Pillow makes sure your skin is perfectly protected, prevents wrinkles and sleeping folds and strengthens the effect of skin and hair care products. Moreover, you fall asleep faster and more relaxed, so you wake up with a radiant look.

Sweet dreams!

Wonderfully soft for your eyes 

Beauty Pillow’s Luxury Silk Mask is made of lovely soft, pure Mulberry silk. This is very soft and prevents skin and hair damage. The mask is hypo-allergenic, breathable and gives a luxurious feeling. Give your beautiful eyes the rest they deserve!

Improves your sleep 

The mask blocks out light, so you fall asleep faster and more relaxed. The complete darkness ensures a deeper and longer sleep. Moreover, you are less likely to be interrupted in your sleep. The soft side of the Luxury Silk Mask feels so soft and comfortable that you hardly feel that you are wearing it. The soft elastic band of the mask is one-size fits all. This allows you to get the best out of your beauty sleep!

Supports the skin

The soft side ensures that the skin does not dry out at night and gives less friction than when sleeping on, for example, a cotton pillowcase. The skin care products that you apply before sleeping have a more intense effect thanks to the mask. As a result, wrinkles refine, and you wake up with a radiant look. Moreover, the Luxury Silk Mask ensures that sleeping creases are prevented. So you sleep really well!

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